a little bit about Hotel On Mars

Ray, Niall, Marcin, Dan and Graham are no strangers to filling the air with music. Thy Worshipper, Xerosun, The Idiots, Neon Flea Circus, Tarantella Fall and Diablo DC are some of the projects to have benefited from their talents. They hope to add a few more to the list when they’re rich and famous. Possibly a side project with failed X-Factor singers or something with kazoos.

Their debut album ‘Don’t Feel Like Daylight’ was recorded in the Welsh Valley in Autumn 2015 with Jethro Chaplin at the helm. It was self-produced by the band, who all played live in a big old room and stuck the results to tape. This group of five have managed to mash together many musical styles for the good of mankind. With nods to The Clash, The Ruts, Pixies, Franz Ferdinand, John Denver, Phil Collins, Pearl Jam and whatever you’re having yourself.

Some true stories about the making of the record:
– The band got lost on the drive to the studio, and at 1am in the worst storm this side of Hurricane Tom Jones, the supposed 40 minute jaunt took over two hours. It culminated with a 30 minute rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody, that thankfully ended on arrival.

– On one particular journey back to the ferry, the car alarm battery died forcing Ray and Niall to endure a 40 minute drive down Welsh roads with a ear-shattering siren going off around them. They were never the same after it.

– Ray tried to recruit a Welsh Male Choir to sing on the album after a chance conversation with the local barkeeper. Unfortunately guitar music wasn’t their thing, but he did managed to dupe Graham into paying for their CD. He never got that fiver back.

– They band collectively brought more booze than it did musical equipment. Priorities.

– Ray and Graham found a shop selling sausages at a great price. So they bought forty. How many different meals can you make with sausages? A lot…

– And finally, why Wales? Why not!